For the best Precision Rifle Training I personally recommend Shannon Kay at K&M Precision Rifle Training LINK

We ourselves are active members at K&M, not only will you receive the best instruction available in the country but you will also get to experience the premier long distance shooting facility in the U.S.A. - Jeff Cross

Who is K&M Precision Rifle Training- 

At K&M we are firm believers in the virtues of “quiet professionalism”. We vow not to fall into the hyped emotional sales pitches that infect so much of our community. Instead we want to let professionalism, deeds and word of mouth persist as the K&M Precision Rifle Training calling card. No over sensationalized talk, slogans or attitudes. No resume padding or singing your own praises. Just complete, up to date, world class, no nonsense training that is second to none.

K&M Shooting Complex was designed to be the preeminent long range and firearm training facility in the nation. A comprehensive plan was shaped from decades of experience in the community and a broad comprehension of the best ranges, military facilities and shooting complexes across the country. K&M Shooting Complex was drawn from the ground up, designed and built for the exclusive purpose of facilitating our training. Our students benefit from a wide ranging and complete curriculum where the training program dictates the facilities, not the other way around.

We utilize combat proven and competitively accomplished cadre. The diversification of our instructors provides a broad perspective and the best talent available from Special Operations, Law Enforcement, Military Sniper Instructors and the highest ranked Civilian Competitors. This unique blend of expertise and experience, combined with a dedicated and purpose built facility, is simply unrivaled. It allows us to offer the most efficient and professional training available.

K&M instructs more precision rifle shooters than any other non-government entity in the nation.  Our instructors practice what we teach, compete as often as possible and are ranked higher nationally than any other training agency.  Three of K&M’s instructors have won one or more national level PRS competitions this year and are ranked in the top 5 in the nation.  Many of K&M’s instructors are still on active duty, operating at the tactical level while employing and developing the latest TTPs and best practices.  These efforts and experiences are incorporated back into our training programs, allowing us to provide the most relevant training possible.

We are continually expanding and increasing our course offerings to meet the demand.  We invite others to judge the facility and our training with confidence. In the meantime, we will continue to train hard and do it in a manner that represents the community responsibly. We encourage you to do plenty of research and consider us for your training needs. We are confident you will not be disappointed.  K&M is simply unrivaled in every way.



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