Ammo Grade Products

"AMMO GRADE" Cross Machine Tool “Ammo Grade” products have the same great features as our standard products. Each of our standard products & “AMMO Grade” products must pass stringent QC inspections . The “AMMO Grade” products have been separated from standard products due to cosmetic flaws that occur occasionally in the anodizing process. These cosmetic flaws have no effect on the function of the receivers. The “AMMO Grade”  product will still deliver the same performance you expect from products made by Cross Machine Tool. Rather than reprocessing the Ammo Grade products we have decided to offer them at a discounted price for the Guy/Gal who wants to build a weapon that is going to be used & abused anyway. The Ammo Grade products aren’t for collectors & Safe Queens but do work great for truck guns & other weapons you plan to put thru hard use. Ammo Grade products are marked by a small “AMMO” symbol.

Ammo Grade products are still covered by our warranty that covers functional defects, they cannot however be returned for cosmetic blemishes.

Jeff Cross

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